Zora Muriel Schmid, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

Research Ethics – Office of Research,  ETH Zurich Ethics Commission, Switzerland.

Zora is a social anthropologist with expertise in innovation ethics and AI governance, and she is fascinated by the impact new technologies have on society and social equity. She has a particular interest in ethics of anticipation.

After working for the science office at the Embassy of Switzerland in the US, analysing AI policy developments, she joined the Zurich based think tank ethix, lab for innovation ethics. There, she focused on applying ethics in practice to technology use in care settings, collaborating with the development of the Digital Trust Label and co-authoring a report on labels and certifications for the digital world.

She is currently co-managing the secretariat of the ETH Zurich Ethics Commission, so that cutting edge research and technology development undergoes ethical assessment, from the conception stage onwards.