Trustworthy AI Labs are established, based on the Z-Inspection® process

The following Labs are affiliated with the Z-Inspection® Initiative:

The Laboratory for Trustworthy AI at Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland).

The Ethical and Trustworthy AI Lab at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (Chicago, USA).

Ethical Assessment for Trustworthy AI at LEN.IA – AI & Digital Ethics Lab (Montréal, Québec, Canada).

Trustworthy AI Lab Venice at Venice Urban Lab (Venice, Italy).

Trustworthy AI Lab at the University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The Trustworthy AI Lab at L3S Research Center Leibniz, University Hannover (Hannover, Germany)

The Laboratory for Ethical and Trustworthy AI in Practice at the Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus (Sarawak, Malaysia)

Trustworthy AI Lab at The Center for Bioethics and Research (CBR) (Ibadan, Nigeria)

Trustworthy AI Lab at the CIRSFID, Alma Mater Research Center for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy)

Trustworthy AI Lab at the Imaging Lab, University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy)

Trustworthy AI Lab at the Goethe University Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)

Trustworthy AI Lab at the Graduate School of Data Science, Seoul National University (South Korea)

Trustworthy AI for healthcare Lab, Tampere University (Finland)

Trustworthy AI in Healthcare Lab at the QUEST Centre for Responsible Research (Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH) (Germany)

Trustworthy AI Lab for Surgery at ICube (CNRS, University of Strasbourg, ENGEES, INSA) Strasbourg, France

The Trustworthy AI for Healthcare Lab at the ITP Foundation (Poznań, Poland)

The  Trustworthy AI for Healthcare and Science Lab at 4th Gliwice Municipal Hospital (Gliwice, Poland)

The following Institutions are affiliated with the Z-Inspection® Initiative:

Rijks ICT Gilde -Mycelia- (National Organization for Development, Digitization and Innovation, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations), The Netherlands.

The following Projects are affiliated with the Z-Inspection® Initiative:

VALIDATE – Validation of a Trustworthy AI-based Prognostic Tool for Predicting Patient Outcome in Acute Stroke

XAI project and Kdd Lab (Pisa Italy)