Verify the pre-conditions, including the initial questions, the legal admissibility and the absence of conflict of interests.


Form an initial team of multi-disciplinary experts.


Create a protocol (log) of the process to record information of the inspection process over time.

Boundaries and Context

Define and agree upon the boundaries and context of the assessment.

Analyze Socio-technical scenarios

Describe the aim of the AI system, the actors and their expectations and interactions, the processes, the technology and the context.

Identify Ethical Issues and Tensions

Build consensus among various stakeholders.

Map to trustworthy AI

Map ethical issues and tensions onto the ethical categories established by the EU´s Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.


Choose a strategy to perform the inspection.

Define and execute Paths.

Provide Feedback.


Address Ethical Tensions (when possible resolve them).

Give recommendations to relevant stakeholders.

Start Ethical maintenance if required.