With Z-Inspection® we want to help to establish what we call a Mindful Use of AI (#MUAI).

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We are a team of international independent researchers.

To avoid any conflicts of interest we, as Z-inspection® initiative , do not receive funding from corporations.

Z-inspection® Trustworthy AI in practice

Z-inspection® is a general inspection process for Ethical AI which can be applied to a variety of domains such as business, healthcare, public sector, among many others.

It uses applied ethics. To the best of our knowledge, Z-inspection® is the first process to assess Trustworthy AI in practice.

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“The second amazing community is the people at Z-inspection® under the lead of Prof. Roberto Zicari. They have been working over the years to build a community of practitioners to grow criteria and methods to assess the trustworthiness of AI.
They are acknowledged by many fora and their tools are part of the OECD.AI toolbox.”
— Dr. Valérie M. Saintot

AI is not a DIN A4 sheet — Roberto V. Zicari, Monday, February 10, 2020, Berlin, German Parliamentary AI examination committee.

Prof. Zicari gave an impulse talk at the high-profile German Parliamentary AI examination committee. The members of the Enquete Commission “Artificial Intelligence – Social Responsibility and Economic, Social and Ecological Potentials” addressed the finer points of a possible regulation of algorithmic decision-making systems (ADM systems) in their meeting on Monday, February 10, 2020. Five experts made presentations on this topic in public session, chaired by Commission member Ronja Kemmer (CDU/CSU).

Professor Roberto V. Zicari (Initiative Z-Inspection®) emphasized in his presentation the importance of trust in the use of Artificial Intelligence systems. Zicari repeatedly referred to recommendations of the Data Ethics Commission. Among other things, he recommended that the state should not use proprietary AI systems that prevent transparency by invoking trade secrets.

The video of the hearing is now available in the Bundestag media center.