The Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, USA) launches The Ethical and Trustworthy AI Lab based on the Z-Inspection® Process.

Chicago, March 15, 2022 The Ethical and Trustworthy AI Lab at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions is an interdisciplinary group of researchers interested in the social and ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The group investigates philosophical, ethical, and social aspects of AI including trustworthiness and the question of […]

Vision 2022

1. Trustworthy AI Labs are established, based on the Z-Inspection® process Like this one in Helsinki; 2. Z-Inspection® process modules are incorporated into Master and PhD programs at selected universities, to equip a new generation of interdisciplinary students in assessment of ethical AI; 3. The Z-Inspection® process is leveraged in future European policy and regulation relating to […]

Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland) launches The Laboratory for Trustworthy AI based on the Z-Inspection® Process.

Helsinki, November 12, 2021 The Laboratory for Trustworthy AI at Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland) is a transdisciplinary and international research community who trains organizations and actors to assess the use of artificial intelligence. The lab connects academia and civil society, including developers of AI solutions, students, end-users, researchers, and stakeholders. The Lab promotes a human-centric approach […]