Z-Inspection® for Healthcare AI

In Spring 2022 we will provide the first course for Z-Inspection® (Healthcare AI- Basic/ level 1)

Z-Inspection® (Basic/ level 1: Healthcare)

Healthcare Basic/Level 1

Learn the basic of the Z-Inspection® process and how to use it to assess AI use cases in healthcare.

“Putting principles into practice and resolving tensions will require us to identify the underlying assumptions and fill knowledge gaps around technological capabilities, the impact of technology on society and public opinion”.

Ethical and societal implications of algorithms, data, and artificial intelligence: a roadmap for research. Whittlestone, J. Nyrup, R. Alexandrova, A. Dihal, K. Cave, S. (2019), London. Nuffield Foundation.

Putting principles into practice

AI Stakeholders

Z-inspection® can be useful for a variety of stakeholders:

AI designers and AI developers of the AI system;

Data scientists;

Procurement officers or specialists;

Legal/compliance officers;


Organizations and corporate bodies,

Policymakers and regulators,


NGOs and civil society,

Users/general public,

Marginalized groups,

Journalists and communicators.



“Citizens and businesses alike need to be able to trust the technology they interact with, and have effective safeguards protecting fundamental rights and freedoms.”– Roberto Viola, European Commission

The high-level European Commission’s expert group on AI recommends that work be done to

“Develop auditing mechanism for AI systems to allow public enforcement authorities as well as independent third-party auditors to identify potentially illegal outcomes or harmful consequences generated by AI systems, such as unfair bias or discrimination”.