Andy Bushell, BSc, PhD, EMBA

OoNiDa, Switzerland

For the past 35 years Andy has been discovering, developing and commercializing medicines globally, and his journey to OoNiDa has been as a global citizen, living and working in four countries, always seeking ways to avoid preventable burden of disease in society whilst making sure access to medicines is an equitable right for all.

In 2012 he founded the Chronic Disease Foundation initiative in South Africa, to empower Community Health workers in Kwazulu Natal using mobile technologies. Here he saw the real burden of diseases like diabetes when they are left to develop without effective digital health surveillance systems. Inspired to change this he began work with the WHO Be Healthy Be Mobile initiative, contributed to the WISH policy maker guidance on diabetes in 2013, did an Executive MBA at INSEAD in 2017 and co-founded OoNiDa in 2018 to build an association that could foment the changes needed in global health systems.

He was a contributor to the Broadband Commission white paper on realising the potential of Digital systems in 2019, and was part of a high-level delegation to the government of Chile in late 2019 to discuss ways to better transform the health system. He co-founded OoNiDa in 2018.