Dr. Magnus Westerlund

Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland.

Dr. Magnus Westerlund (DSc) is a Principal Lecturer in Information Technology and Director of the Laboratory for Trustworthy AI at Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. He is also an associate Professor at Kristiania University College, Oslo, Norway. He has an industry background from telecom and information management and earned his doctoral degree in Information Systems at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Magnus has research publications in the fields of trustworthy AI, analytics, IT-security, cyber regulation, and distributed software.

His current research topics are found in the development of trustworthy software, assessment of AI systems, and smart contract-based distributed security for IoT edge applications. He actively participates as a core member and technical expert in the Z-inspection® initiative and works for a Mindful Use of AI.

Magnus was awarded a  Z-inspection®  Teaching Certificate.