Dr Melissa McCullough

Commissioner for Standards Northern Ireland Assembly

Since moving to Northern Ireland in 1994, Melissa completed her PhD Biomedical Sciences, LLB, MSc Bioethics and mediation certification, and has worked as an academic in law, ethics and professionalism in medical schools in the UK and Ireland since 2005. Melissa served as a ministerial appointed Non-Executive Director for the Health and Social Care Board in Northern Ireland from 2009-2020 and is currently a visiting academic at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, an assessor and chair for undergraduate medical programs for the Medical Council Ireland and also acts as a law and ethics specialist on the Clinical Governance Board at Synergix Health, London.

Melissa’s published work and research interests include professionalism, organisational ethics, applied ethics, ethical use of AI, equality and justice in policy and practice, diversity & inclusion, and public health ethics. Melissa is also a regular contributer on topical ethical and legal issues for BBC.