Dr. O.J. (Oskar) Gstrein, MA, LLM

Assistant Professor, Campus Fryslân, Data Research Centre, Governance and Innovation. University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Dr. Oskar Josef Gstrein is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Governance and Innovation of Campus Fryslân, where he is also member of the Data Research Centre. He studied law (Magister iuris) and Philosophy (Magister philosophiae) in Innsbruck (Austria), and holds an LL.M. degree in European Integration of the Europa-Institut of the University of Saarland (Germany). His PhD thesis in the field of European and international data protection law on the concept of a ‘Right to be forgotten’ was awarded with the grade ‘summa cum laude’ (published Nomos 2016).

His overall research theme is ‘Human Dignity in the Digital Age’ and his publications cover aspects of Internet Governance, the governance of emerging technologies (including ‘AI’), privacy, security, and digital identity.

In the past, Oskar has collaborated with the inaugural United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy. He is external lecturer at the Europa-Institut of the University of Saarland, Research Fellow at the Institute of Technology and Society in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Research Associate at the Israel Public Policy Institute, member of the Europol network for data protection experts (EDEN) and board member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Science Network in the Netherlands.