Emilie Wiinblad Mathez

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Geneva, Switzerland.

Emilie is Senior Ethics Adviser in the Ethics Office of UNHCR. She has a Master’s in International Law and a MBA in cross-cultural management. Emilie has 20+ years of experience with legal analysis, policy and strategy development, research and evaluation, advocacy, communication and learning as well as project management and ethics advice and guidance in an international organization. She has worked in countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. She is currently leading the content development of a value-based approach to the code of conduct dialogue for organizational change, and is involved in ethical decision-making and ethical dilemma advice in UNHCR.

Emilie has led, managed and contributed to policy development, research and evaluation work in refugee related fields, including integration of refugees, private partnerships, advocacy, and data protection in the context of EU regulations. She has recently been involved in speaking engagements on value-based approaches to ethics and working groups on Big Data and AI. She has particular knowledge of human rights frameworks.

Emilie was awarded a Z-inspection®  Teaching Certificate.