Helle Collatz Christensen, PhD

University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Emergency Medical Services, Denmark.

Helle Collatz Christensen is a medical doctor, an Otorhinolaryngologist and Ph.D. from Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Helle Collatz Christensen works as an epidemiologist with Phd. students and others in exploiting the data in the Copenhagen Emergency Medical Services. In this work she has supervised Stig Nikolaj Blomberg in developing a machine learning based tool which helps medical dispatchers recognize cardiac arrest in calls to 1-1-2. Moreover she has worked on a model on calls to 1-1-2 and 1813-medical helpline to establish if persons were infected with COVID-19. Lastly she and Stig Nikolaj Blomberg are working on a difficult machine learning model on all calls to 1813-medical helpline in the hope to ease the diagnosis of stroke.