Irene Ek PhD

Founder of Digital Institute,  Sweden

Irene is an international expert on digital transformation and artificial intelligence. She recently published an OECD Digital Economy Paper on what constitutes AI and how it is used in firms.

Her expertise has been proven during numerous international assignments to the OECD AI Observatory, the European Commission and the United Nations in Geneva. She holds a Ph.D. in ICT Business Management from Stockholm University, Sweden. Recently she founded the Digital Institute where she offers courses on digital transformation and AI, based on her new book titled Digitalisation in firms (in Swedish). The book is currently used as course literature at Gothenburg University, Mälardalen University, Halmstad University and Luleå University of Technology. Previously, Irene worked as Policy Analyst at the OECD, under the Working Party for Technology and Innovation Policy.

Prior to OECD, Irene was a Program Manager in the ICT division at the Swedish Innovation Agency, where she specialised in all aspects of digital transformation research.