Prof. John Brodersen

Section of General Practice and Research Unit for General Practice, Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Danemark; and Primary Health Care Research Unit, Region Zealand, Denmark

John Brodersen is general practitioner with over ten years experience in clinical practice. Dr Brodersen has a PhD in public health and psychometrics and works as an associate research professor in the area of medical screening at University of Copenhagen, Department of Public Health, Research Unit and Section of General Practice.

His research is focused on the field of development and validation of questionnaires to measure psychosocial consequences of false-positive screening results. He has employed qualitative and quantitative methods e.g. developed patient reported outcomes measures qualitatively and validated those using Rasch models to objectify subjective areas like psychosocial consequences. Dr Brodersen has published widely in peer reviewed journals.

In relation to the area of self testing and screening Dr. Brodersen expertise lies in areas of sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, overdiagnosis, informed consent and what the psychosocial consequences are for healthy people when they are tested. He also teaches nationally and internationally in evidence-based medicine.