Prof. Rita Singh

Computer Science and (by courtesy) Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

Dr. Rita Singh is an Associate Research Professor at the School of Computer Science and (by courtesy)  at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon University.
She is also affiliated to the National Robotics Engineering Center, Institute for Strategic Analysis and the Cyber Security & Privacy Institute at CMU.
Her current work is focused on developing the science of profiling humans from their voice, a sub-area of Artificial Intelligence and Voice Forensics.
The technology pioneered by her group has led to two world firsts:
In September 2018, her team created the world’s first live voice-based profiling system, demonstrated live at the World Economic Forum.
In 2019 her group also created the world’s first instance of human voice – that of the artist Rembrandt – generated based on evidence from facial images.