The Z-inspection® initiative creates an Advisory Body to address Generative AI for Higher Education in Practice.

Kronberg, December 6, 2023

The Z-inspection® initiative lead Roberto V. Zicari on Wednesday December 6th announced the creation of a 12-member advisory body to address Generative AI for Higher Education in Practice.The advisory board will support the Z-inspection® initiative international community’s efforts to assess the risks, opportunities of using Generative AI in higher education in practice, within the pilot project “Assessing the use of Generative AI in Higher Education” .

The project follows the UNESCO guidance for policymakers on Generative AI and education: Pilot testing, monitoring and evaluation, and building an evidence base

The members are listed below:

Kiran Bhujun, Professor, Director of the Tertiary Education and Scientific Research Division of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Mauritius.

Yves Deville, Professor, Université catholique de Louvain. Senior Advisor to the President for the Digital University at UCLouvain. Belgium

Julio Cesar Duhalde, Technical, economic and legal advisor at the Ministry of Economy – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Erja Heikkinen, PhD, Director General (temp), Ministry of Education and Culture, Helsinki, Finland

Lambert Hogenhout, Chief Data, Analytics and Emerging Technologies, United Nations, New York, USA.

Jonathan Michie OBE FAcSS, Professor of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange, University of Oxford, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (without portfolio), President of Kellogg College, University of Oxford, UK.

Irina Mirkina, AI Lead, Office of Innovation, UNICEF, Stockholm, Sweden.

Victor Ochen, The African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET). Member of the Advisory Group to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at United Nations- Lira, Uganda.

Sung Jae Park, Ph.D. Research fellow, Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI). Former Senior Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education of the Republic of Korea. Seoul, South Korea.


Willy Tadema, AI Ethics Lead, Rijks ICT Gilde (RIG), Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations; AI policy advisor, Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations; Member of the Dutch National Standards Body for AI (NEN), The Netherlands.

Peter J. Wells, Head of Education Southern Africa, UNESCO- Harare, Zimbabwe.

Find out more on Pilot Project: Assessing Trustworthiness of the use of Generative AI for Higher Education at:


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