Z-inspection®: A process to assess trustworthy AI in Practice has won a ISSIP Distinguished Recognition Award for Service Innovation!

The results of the ISSIP Excellence In Service Innovation Awards are in, and it is our great pleasure to inform you that Z-Inspection: A process to assess trustworthy AI in Practice has won a Distinguished Recognition Award for Service Innovation. 

The Distinguished Recognition Award is given each year to submissions that, in the judgment of the ISSIP Award Committee, represent innovative and impactful service designs and implementations from which service innovators around the world can derive inspiration.

The judging criteria are based on the uniqueness, creativity, technical merit, value generation and impact of the innovative solution. 

We plan to recognize your achievement at the next ISSIP Board of Directors & Progress call, July 27, 2022, 3-4 pm EDT. 

Again Congratulations! 

cc Ralph Badinelli, Chair of the ISSIP Awards Committee

cc Jim Spohrer, ISSIP Board of Directors 

Michele Carroll, Executive Director


List of Awards here.